I started my young profession as an Advertising & Public Relations student at Grand Valley State University and still remember when the field was pretty new. Of course like any other field I saw peers flee and declare new degree programs, but I stayed and never thought to do otherwise. When I started a new job at a local bridal shop in the Grand Rapids area, I soon discovered my love for the industry. After two and a half years of being a bridal stylist, I transitioned on to be the Operations Manager of another local bridal shop.

After so many years of working for big name bridal shops, I knew I wanted to create a name for myself by opening a luxury, modern bridal boutique.

LeeAnne’s Luxury Bridal Boutique came about when I realized I could utilize my degree towards a career that I had no problem pursuing for the rest of my life. Of course being a Detroit native, there was absolutely no other place I thought to open the shop but home.

Throughout the years I developed knowledge and skills about the industry that could only be obtained through hands on experience. From the absolute first moment you connect with a bride, rather that’s a phone call to schedule an appointment or a visit into the shop, the relationship begins to develop. From that point on the bride is putting her trust in you, to make her vision become a reality.

The bridal shop is an integral part in the wedding itself. The dress not only sets the tone for the wedding, but it leads the planning process. If a girl doesn’t know what she’s wearing on the big day, how does she know what to tell the groom to wear? How does she know what her venue should look like? What will her bridesmaids wear? The dress is a very big deal!

The bridal boutique should aim to fulfill every childhood dream a girl has about the day she finds the dress!